Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson Officially Set to Return for ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

By February 7, 2014

Yes, the term you are looking for is “aca-awesome,” and no, it’s not played out at all.

Universal Pictures has just announced that Pitch Perfect stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are officially set to return for the film’s highly anticipated new sequel, known as, well, just Pitch Perfect 2 at this point, but hey, that could change!

Little is known about the next installment in the blockbuster now-franchise, at least plot-wise, but we do know that Elizabeth Banks, who co-starred in and produced the first film, will make her feature directorial debut with the movie, and screenwriter Kay Cannon will return to pen the screenplay.


The first film focused on the trials and travails of the Barton Bellas all-girl a capella group as they attempted to regroup (quite literally) after a disastrous season, and the drama of the infectiously fell-good movie centered on reaching new heights with an all-new group of gals (ragtag at best), a conflicted heroine (played by Kendrick), and a fierce desire to bring their special brand of music to the college nationals. What could a sequel hold? Perhaps a global competition – cue European adventure! – or maybe some vicious budget cuts, a need to bring dudes into the fold, and probably some other voice-related malady (fans will remember that one of the group’s leaders dealt with a terrible node problem that had some unexpected results).

In any case, Pitch Perfect 2 already has an eager audience built in – it made more than $115 million at the box office, all on a scant $17 million budget – and the news that at least Kendrick and Wilson are officially come back into the fold will only please those dedicated fans.

Yes, it’s also worth singing about.

Pitch Perfect 2 will open on May 15, 2015.

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Kate Erbland
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  • John A Casey

    Oh boy….I think the first one was more than enough.

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    I love Anna Kendrick, but Rebel Wilson tends to bug the shit out of me. I don’t mind the fat, female sidekick, which is kind of a new thing. And I really like Melissa McCarthy. With a newcomer directing an already potential disaster, I’d be shitting myself if I was one of the producers.

  • Jermaine M Dupuis

    I thought the first one was cute – I just don’t see lightening in a bottle twice.

  • copecers80

    LOVE THIS! Great movie….This is one time a sequel should be fun or better!

  • buiting321

    Me and my friends were just talking about how much we loved this movie.
    Glad it is coming back with a part 2. I loved everything about it.