Anne Rice’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’ Coming to Universal

By August 7, 2014

Anne Rice is best known for writing “The Vampire Chronicles,” a series of novels that included “Interview with the Vampire” and “Queen of the Damned,” both of which were adapted into feature films. But Rice may be getting an all new generation of fans, because The Wrap reports that Universal has acquired the movie rights to her entire 13-book “Vampire Chronicles” series, and the studio has set Imagine Entertainment and Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci to produce new movies based on the books.

Universal now has the rights to all existing and upcoming novels in the series, including “Tale of the Body Thief” which was written by Anne’s son Christopher, and “Prince Lestat,” which has yet to be released. Though many assumed the vampire craze might be over with the end of the Twilight films, it looks like the classic monsters didn’t get too much time off before they’re being tapped for more movies yet again. But this news raises a few questions.

First up: earlier reports indicated that Kurtzman and Orci, who wrote and produced together for years, had actually split up their professional partnership on the film side of things to pursue individual work on their own. Does this announcement mean they’re working together again, or is there some sort of mistake?

And secondly: will these movies essentially take the place of Dracula films in Universal’s plan to bring the studio’s classic movie monsters to life? Alex Kurtzman is already busy producing a unified cinematic series that connects all of those creatures, and he’s also directing The Mummy reboot, so it seems inconceivable that he’d have the time to properly give to a series of this magnitude. And Orci’s not exactly on vacation either – he’s directing the third Star Trek film set expected to be released in 2016 for the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

Tom Cruise Lestat

Here’s some speculation for you: Will Tom Cruise eventually reprise his role as Lestat? The dude hasn’t aged much since Interview with the Vampire, and it’d be kind of cool to revisit the character after all these years. We’ll have to wait and see how the studio plans to handle all of these properties, but one thing’s for sure: you’re about to see a whole lot of vampires on the big screen again. They wouldn’t have gone after these rights if they didn’t intend on capitalizing on them in a big way.

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