Another ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Movie is Coming Soon

By October 1, 2013

Voyage of the Dawn Treader banner

It’s fitting that a film series with strong allusions to the Christian faith would be resurrected.

Variety reports that Mark Gordon, producer of over 75 films and TV shows including Speed, Saving Private Ryan, “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Criminal Minds,” has come on board to produce The Silver Chair, another entry in the Chronicles of Narnia franchise. The Narnia films are based on the popular books written by author C.S. Lewis and attracted quite an audience since The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe hit theaters in 2005, with the entire series earning a combined $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office.

When Wardrobe grossed over $745 million, the first sequel, Prince Caspian, was given the greenlight. That film was released in 2008, and was considered a moderate success with a $419 million haul. Still, it was enough to get another sequel made, 2010’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (my favorite book in the series). That project made only $415 million and had the financial benefit (for the studio, anyway) of being in 3D, and because it performed less successfully than its predecessor, it didn’t exactly have studios champing at the bit to continue the story. Plus, the child actors who starred in the films were getting older, and the ending of Treader could have served as a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy – but of course, they left the door open for more films just in case. Now it appears that Gordon is picking up where they left off.

The Silver Chair book cover

There haven’t been any announcements about returning cast members, a writer, or a director yet, but we do know the film is based on The Silver Chair, the next story to take place chronologically in that universe. In it, Eustace Scrubb teams with a young girl named Jill Pole on an adventure in Narnia to find King Caspian’s missing son. Will Poulter – who recently starred in We’re The Millers – played Eustace in Dawn Treader, while Ben Barnes played Caspian; chances are likely they’d recast the latter role for this new film, considering the character is far older than when he appeared in the previous movie.

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