Anthony Mackie Wants to Be in the ‘Black Widow’ Standalone Movie

By May 20, 2016

It’s been a long time coming, but Marvel is finally starting work on a Black Widow standalone movie, after years of fans (and cast members) asking the studio to make one. She has after all, not only established herself as an integral character in the MCU, but also one of the strongest and most complex. It’s hard for me to watch the funeral scene between her and Cap in Civil War for instance, without my eyes welling up.

The film is supposedly not set to be released until Phase 4, after Avengers: Infinity War takes place, but it looks like some of the MCU cast members aren’t wasting their time to put their bid in for an appearance in the film already, and this time, it looks like Anthony Mackie thinks Black Widow may need some aerial support on whatever mission it is she gets sent on in the film.

While recently speaking with HitFix, Mackie expressed his enthusiasm for the project, and what kind of a tone it would have:

“If they made a Black Widow movie, it would be more of a spy espionage-type movie, which would be great, to see a female James Bond or something like that.”

When asked if he might want to be involved or show up in the film at any time as well, the actor responded with some clear excitement:

“Well, I think Black Widow needs a little bit of aerial support! I would love, in any capacity, to be a part of that. I’ve always been a huge fan of Scarlett’s, and I’ve always, since I met her, just really admired her as a person. So in whatever capacity I would be used — Falcon would fly for Black Widow.”

So it sounds like whether the film needs him or not, Mackie is more than game to suit up once again for his Winter Soldier and Civil War co-star. After only appearing for the first time two years ago as well, it’s exciting to see how well integrated the Falcon character has already been made into the fabric of the MCU, and his relationships with the other characters, Black Widow being one of the closest.

Plus, if it is a spy/espionage movie like everyone thinks, some more human characters like Hawkeye and Falcon would probably fit in a little better with the tone, so there is that aspect of it as well.

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  • phnxgrl

    I too would like seeing Falcon in this film.