‘Anti-Cheese’ Edits of the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Remove Dialogue, Scenes & Racist Stereotypes!

By November 30, 2015

You will be hard pressed to avoid anything with a Star Wars title on it nowadays. Whether it’s some coffee creamers, mascara or a Duracell battery; the marketing guru’s at Disney have put Star Wars on most everything and I must say, it’s working.

After today clicks over and the sun has fallen asleep in the West, we will officially be on the last leg of everything and only eighteen short days away from The Force Awakens. This is the new dawn in Star Wars. One that will make or break the Empire Disney is building around their 4 billion dollar investment.

For the Star Wars fan, it’s an exciting time.

What is also VERY APPARENT with Star Wars and Disney’s marketing scheme… No prequels. Whether it’s the trailers, the TV spots, the commercials or, simply, a lunchbox –  you won’t be seeing any Jar Jar or Hayden Christensen featured in their scheme.

But what if you COULD rely on the prequels to sell your shared Star Wars Universe?

What if the prequels were removed of all their wrinkles? Their warts and their black eyes? What if you were able to edit out the cheesy dialogue and… ahem, racist underpinnings? What if you removed Jar Jar’s dialogue altogether?

That’s just what YouTuber Jeremy M West Eq. did with his ‘Anti-Cheese’ edits of the Star Wars Prequels. You read that correctly. Anti. Cheese. As in, he removed Jar Jar’s voice and dialogue and put in an alien dialect complete with sub-titles. Same went for the Neimodians of the Trade Federation. The battle droids and even some of the more controversial uses of the droids in R2 and Threepio were either upgraded, removed completely, or enhanced.

What you are left with, surprisingly, are three movies more in the spirit of the original trilogy of Star Wars. 

Your milage may vary as Jeremy states upfront but in most if not all cases here, you do see how a few minor tweaks could have made the prequels a lot more connected to their original trilogy counter parts. And that’s all any Star Wars fan truly wanted.

And so, I present to you all in the nation, all three prequels starting with Episode 1. A big shout out and mad props given to Jeremy for creating such a thing that would warrant such praise – (subscribe to his channel to show your appreciation). Many have tried an edit here and there but this… at least for me, represents the closest thing to perfection I’ve seen.

So for the Die Hard Star Wars fan, strap yourself in… Here now are all three prequel movie, Anti-Cheese edition!

Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace 

Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

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Mark Reilly
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  • Jörgen Häll

    Watched ep 1 and I loved it! Started ep 2 and so far it seems ep 1 was easier to save than AotC.

  • Slinkster

    Unbelievable work to rectify The Phantom Menace, his tweeks made for a really fast paced, engaging, truly enjoyable movie, more than worthy of Star Wars. Wow!
    Unfortunately AOTC is mostly beyond redemption, but this edit is still an improvement. Personally i enjoyed Revenge of the Sith in its original form, so I had little to complain about with regards to that. I’m delighted to say that these edits vastly improve the prequels. Amazing, highly recommended. This is the way they should be enjoyed. Spread the word 🙂