‘Aquaman’ Villain Rumored & New Cinematic Universe Possibilities Revealed

By November 25, 2015

Out of all of DC’s upcoming standalone films, perhaps their most ambitious and difficult one will end up being 2018’s Aquaman. The film is off to a good start already after landing Jason Momoa as the film’s lead and skilled director James Wan at the helm as well, hopefully coming together to give the iconic character the kind of respect he deserves, but hasn’t been receiving over the past few years from the general public.

While the film is still about three years away from being released, and has quite a few DC films coming out between now and then, it’s clear that Warner Bros. isn’t wasting any time moving forward with several of these films, including 2017’s Wonder Woman as well. Not much is known about the Aquaman film still, but some new rumors suggest that the film’s plot or story could finally be coming together.

According to a new report by JoBlo, it looks like Aquaman may be facing off against Ocean Master a.k.a. Orm Marius/Curry, and the character’s half brother for the comics in the film. The clash between the two characters is said to be reminiscent of some of their most iconic stories from the comics as well, as the two face off for the throne of Atlantis. However, since the script is still in its very early stages, it is also possible that the story and villain choice could change over time.

Going off of a rumor that also hit the interwebz recently too, the report states that the comic book character Mera, who is Aquaman’s wife in the comics, will indeed have a large role in the standalone film, and could make an appearance in Justice League Part One as well. However, the onscreen version of the character will apparently be a force to be reckoned with in her own right too, and the report states that she and Aquaman will share the screen together much like how Max and Furiosa did in Mad Max: Fury Road.

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The report also states that WB is looking for a “non-white” actress for the role as well, and although no specific ethnicity is named, it is possible she could match up with Jason Momoa’s mixed race status in the film as well.

In fact, the studio is apparently striving towards diversifying their DCCU in some big ways moving forwards too, including giving more opportunities for women and other minorities to represent themselves in their films, which we’re already beginning to see from both DC and Marvel too. However, the report states that the studio could be looking at the possibilities of new projects to help make this happen as well, including an-all female Birds of Prey movie, with Black Canary as the leader as well as Batgirl/Oracle and others.

A Teen Titans film is also mentioned, that could possibly merge with Cyborg instead of the already announced solo film, and the confirmed Green Lantern Corps film, which is said to be a Lethal Weapon style team-up film in space between Hal Jordan and John Stewart. The studio is also discussing introducing a gay superhero into the DCCU as well.

This is obviously a lot of new information to digest over for your Thanksgiving weekend, and should be taken with a grain of salt for now until some confirmation comes from the studio. However, it goes in line with some of the other information we’ve been hearing about WB’s direction with their Cinematic universe, as well as the comments that Ben Affleck recently made about the universe’s enormity. On paper too, all of this sounds good, and we’ll just have to wait and see how much of this ends up coming into fruition, and to what effect as well.

Aquaman is set to hit theatres on July 27th, 2018.

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