Arnold Schwarzenegger Suggests ‘Terminator 6’ Is On Its Way

By March 20, 2016

Oh boy.

Remember Kyle Reese’s speech in The Terminator? When he describes what a Terminator is to Sarah Connor?

It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

Yeah, that one. Well, if that film’s star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is to be believed. Reese may as well have been describing the Terminator franchise as a whole. Because apparently this thing will never, ever stop.

During an interview in Australia with Channel 9 (c/o Telegraph), Schwarzenegger was asked about the possibility of a sixth film in the franchise, to which he replied:

I am looking forward to it, absolutely.

He didn’t elaborate any further, but “looking forward to it” implies that there’s something to actually, you know, look forward to. Which, assuming Arnold really knows something we don’t, is surprising to say the least. Last summer saw the release of Terminator: Genisys, which turned into one of the biggest disappointments of the season. Fans and critics alike reacted very negatively to it, and the film ended up taking in just under $90 million at the domestic box office off a budget of $155 million. That seemed to be the final nail in the franchise’s coffin, as plans for a sequel (which would have been part of a planned trilogy) were quickly scrapped. So it sure looked like that was it for Terminator, yet Arnold’s statement indicates that it may…sorry…be back.

Genisys did have one saving grace, which is the fact that it did quite well overseas. While it flopped here in the US, it brought in over $350 million at the foreign box office. Hell, it made as much on one day in China than it did during its entire theatrical release in America. It’s a situation similar to what we saw with Transformers: Age of Extinction which also received negative reviews here but took in over $1 billion thanks to its performance worldwide (though that film did actually turn a slight profit domestically, whereas Genisys did not). So while American audiences may feel they have seen enough of the time traveling killing machine, clearly fans in other countries still want more. And they just might be getting it. Yippee.

Granted, this isn’t an absolute, definite confirmation of a plan for Terminator 6. Paramount hasn’t said anything about plans for a sequel, and the original release slot for the film has now been filled by Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch. This could definitely be a case of Arnold just hoping something more will happen with the franchise as opposed to there being a real, concrete plan in motion. We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, let’s just stick to the first two films and criminally prematurely canceled Sarah Connor Chronicles, shall we?

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