Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants to be in Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’

By March 7, 2016

We still don’t know much about Shane Black’s upcoming “inventive reboot” of the Predator franchise entitled, ahem, The Predator. We don’t know who’s in it. We don’t know the story. We don’t know what the hell “inventive reboot” really means. All we’ve got so far is a release date and a pretty cool teaser image. And hey, the movie doesn’t come out until 2018, so there’s still plenty of time to figure all that stuff out. But yeah, we really don’t have much on this thing yet. Sorry.

However, today we’ve learned that at least one of stars of the original Predator wants to return to the franchise. Actually, it’s THE star of the original, as none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has expressed an interest to meet with Black and talk about the upcoming film. Speaking at this past weekend’s Arnold Sports Festival (via ScreenRant), the action movie icon had this to say:

“I haven’t talked with him (Shane Black) yet but I’m going to meet with him for lunch sometime soon. Just as soon as I’m finished with this (Arnold’s Sports Festival) and The Apprentice and all this stuff. But I will get together with him. If there is any news, we’ll of course let you know right away. There’s also a meeting coming up soon about Conan, about the project moving forward.”

We can’t help but assume that, should Arnold have a role in The Predator, he would be reprising his role as Dutch, the sole survivor of the first Predator film. Ideally, he would serve in a Stallone-in-Creed-type role and not be the actual star since, you know, he’s getting older and is definitely not the box office draw he once was. He certainly does not want another Terminator: Genesys debacle on his hand, so hopefully he and Black can come up with a proper way for Dutch to show up but not be counted on to carry the entire film. I know, maybe it can turn out that the Predator is actually a British actor hired by Dutch to pretend to be The Mandarin. Yes, I’m still bitter about Iron Man 3. That was stupid.

We’ll have to wait and see what, if any, role Arnold winds up playing in Black’s new film. Predator fans have very high hopes that this film will reinvigorate the franchise, keeping Arnold out of the spotlight and in more of a supporting role (hell, just give him a 2-minute cameo and call it a day) would be a good step in the right direction. Here’s hoping.

The Predator is set for release on March 2, 2018.

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