‘Arrow’ Executive Producer Bringing ‘Supergirl’ to TV Next

By September 5, 2014

Though Greg Berlanti initially struggled with the superhero genre with the flubbed big screen adaptation of Green Lantern (which he scripted) and the canceled super-powered action comedy series “No Ordinary Family” on ABC, he seems to have a grasp on things with “Arrow” and the addition of “The Flash” on The CW. And he’s not done with DC Comics heroes yet.

Deadline has word that Berlanti is teaming back up with Ali Adler, who worked on the aforementioned ABC series, for a “Supergirl” television series from Warner Bros. Television, who, as you probably already know, is behind all the DC Comics TV series adaptations. The project is still in development, so it won’t get off the ground until 2015 at the earliest, but Adler has been set to write the script and executive produce the series with Sarah Schechter and Berlanti himself at his own Berlanti Productions banner.

Geoff Johns from DC Comics will also be involved in some capacity, but it’s not clear at this point just what he’ll be doing. Right now, it’s so early in development that the show doesn’t even have a title, though “Supergirl” seems like the obvious choice. But two names being floated are “Super” and “Girl,” and that’s not a joke. Hopefully they’ll have that figured out when they take the series out to networks in the next couple weeks.

Supergirl - Movie

Supergirl has been around since 1959 when she was created by writer Otto Binder and designed by artist Al Plastino. Since then, she’s seen a little bit of action with her own spin-off film in 1984, with the character played by Helen Slater and linked to the Christopher Reeve version of Superman by way of Marc McClure’s Jimmy Olsen. And she also became an integral part in later seasons of “Smallville,” when she was played by Laura Vandervoort.

The most prominent version of Supergirl has pegged her as Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, who has all the powers that Kal-El has, including his susceptibility to Kryptonite. A version of Supergirl in “Superman: The Animated Series” also depicted the heroine as Kara In-Ze, not Superman’s cousin as in the comics, but rather a near-Kryptonian from Krypton’s sister planet Argos, whom Superman brings back to Earth and treats as a cousin.

It’s not clear if Supergirl will have any clear ties to Superman, or if she’ll just get her own story as if Superman doesn’t exists. Considering the Man of Steel isn’t involved in any of the current DC Comics TV series yet, it would be hard to link her to Superman without having audiences wondering when he’s going to show up. That doesn’t mean Supergirl can’t be linked to “Arrow” or “The Flash” though, as both of those series exists in the same universe, but we wouldn’t count on any link to the developing DC Comics cinematic universe that will go into overdrive with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Stay tuned.

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  • Never heard of Supergirl. Definitely would seem like she’s taken a backseat to Superman. Would be nice if she got her chance too, would only be fair – unless the idea of a knight in shining armor coming to save the world is more admired!