‘Arrow’ Expands Dolph Lundgren’s Villain Role

By October 31, 2016


If he dies, he dies.

OK, are we the only ones old enough to remember Dolph Lundgren in 1985’s Rocky IV where the Swedish superhunk made us think he was a sociopathic Soviet boxer who killed Apollo Creed? We are?

Well, whether you know Lundgren from Rocky or from his later turn in The Expendables franchise, Arrow fans are really going to see a lot of him this season. Especially now that The CW has expanded Lundgren’s turn as Konstantin Kovar beginning just in time for November sweeps.

Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly‘s Natalie Abrams that Lundgren was so well received by the production crew and staff, they’ve decided to add the 58-year-old to more episodes.

“Dolph brings so much presence. He really holds the screen incredibly well. It’s an enormous amount of fun to see him and Stephen (Amell) in seasons together.”

According to reports, Lundgren had signed for three episodes, beginning with “Vigilante” on Nov. 16. Instead, it seems fans will get their first look at Lundgren’s Kovar an episode earlier, “So It Begins” on Nov. 9.

redstarinset103116Kovar first appeared in DC Comics in 1968 as the first Soviet superhero, adopting the name Starfire. However, that would change to Red Star when he re-emerges as part of the New Teen Titans in 1982.

Of course, there is no Soviet Union now, so how will Arrow handle the character? Guggenheim has the answers, of course.

“Kovar is very much a villain, certainly in the Arrow vein, which is to say he’s pretty badass, he’s pretty evil. But he, of course, does not think of himself as such. He thinks of himself as doing the right thing, which in that sense, makes him very similar to a lot of the villains that we’ve had in the past.

“What is interesting about Kovar is he has a mix of intelligence and physical presence that we haven’t necessarily seen. He’s physically bigger than a lot of our villains that we’ve had in the past.”

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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