‘Arrow’ Season 4 Promo: Revenge

By December 26, 2015

Just in case that awesome teaser for The Flash wasn’t good enough for you, the fine folks at The CW have also released a quick promo for the return of Arrow. Last we saw Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) he had barely escaped an assault by the Ghosts, with his beloved Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) unfortunately catching a bullet. Ever since the season premiere, we’ve wondered whose grave that was that Oliver and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) were standing over. While this teaser doesn’t answer that question, it does give us an intense preview of what’s to come in the war against Damien Darhk (Neil McDonough). Check it out!

Uh oh.

It’s obvious the show’s writers want you to think that’s Felicity’s grave, which most likely means it isn’t. However, we’ve been assured that someone close to Oliver will actually die this season (Thea? Laurel?), so clearly even more heart break is on its way for Team Arrow. One theory that’s circulating on the interwebz is that Felicity will survive the assault, but will morph into this DC Universe’s version of Oracle. Comic book fans know Oracle as Barbara Gordon (daughter of Commissioner) who becomes a high-tech assistant to Gotham’s heroes after an attack by the Joker leaves her paralyzed (read The Killing Joke, you can thank me later). Felicity-as-Oracle has already been teased once or twice on this show, and now that it shares a universe with The Flash and (soon) Legends of Tomorrow, the role could fit Felicity quite well. I mean, aside from the fact that she’ll be paralyzed. That part will suck.

Also, my theory for whose grave that is? Felicity’s mom. Just my two cents.

We’ll start to get our answers and see the next phase in the fight for Star(ling) City when Arrow returns on Wednesday, January 20th. And don’t forget, Legends of Tomorrow premieres the next night, also on The CW. That’s going to be a fun week for us DC fans.

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