Arrow/Flash Crossover Trailers Reveals DC’s Latest Superhero Team Up

By November 18, 2015

The Flash and Arrow crossover last year marked a new era of DC’s television universe. After all of the set-up for The Flash during Arrow‘s second season, and then the premiere of The Flash as its own series, the crossover was a triumph for everyone involved. This year’s crossover between the two shows is setting up to be even more massive too, and following the release of the crossover’s first official image just last week, the CW has premiered the first two promos for the upcoming superhero event.

After both The Flash and Arrow have spent a majority of their seasons this year setting up the newest DC series in Legends of Tomorrow, the crossover event should mark the conclusion of the set up as it not only incorporates both Carter Hall a.k.a. Hawkman and Kendra Saunders a.k.a. Hawkgirl into the story, but also the main villain of Legends in Casper Crump’s immortal Vandal Savage.

Check out the first official teasers below:

Unlike last year’s individual self-contained episodes too, this year’s crossover will actually be two-parts split between The Flash and Arrow, meaning this year will be bringing viewers more of a two-hour superhero movie, rather than two separate adventures. The teasers are packed with some interesting new information too, including our first official look at Crump’s Vandal Savage, who looks just as menacing and powerful as his comic book version requires.

We also see the first appearance of Hawkgirl’s wings in the trailer as well, and it looks like Oliver and Barry are going to be instrumental in helping her to accept her heroic side. I am interested to see how the writers are planning on establishing Carter Hall’s relationship with the character as well, especially considering the connection that has been introduced between herself and Cisco in The Flash already. All in all though, this crossover looks like the most ambitious venture from either of the shows up until this point, and I look forward to seeing how well they end up pulling this one off.

The Flash crossover episode, “Legends of Today”, will premiere on The CW on Tuesday, December 1st. The Arrow crossover episode, “Legends of Yesterday”, will premiere the following day on December 2nd. Meanwhile, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is expected to debut in early 2016.

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