‘Arrow’s David Ramsey Provides His Theories On Season 4’s Big Secret

By November 25, 2015

Arrow is not only one of the most popular shows on television right now but it is damn good. The fourth season, for the most part, has been a return to form feeling more like Arrow in its first and second seasons than its arguably uneven third season. The season four premiere earlier this Fall left us with one half of a reveal that has yet to be answered, and those of you that are up to date with Arrow know what I’m talking about. For those who are not yet caught up on the current season of Arrow spoilers will follow as well as speculation on what’s to come. You have been warned!

Still here? Alright. Let’s do this!

The final scene of the season four premiere where we cut to six months later to see Oliver standing over a fresh grave full of grief, has been the topic of discussion among Arrow fans ever since it aired for the first time. Who’s in the grave?! The show cleverly and wisely didn’t show us. They’ve got us hooked now (as if they hadn’t already after 3 seasons), but this takes the cake and they’re taking their time with it too. There hasn’t been any obvious hints (not that I’ve noticed) of who it might be. What they have done is given just enough character growth and bits of information that make you think in that moment that you have an idea and then the following week something else happens to make you think it could be someone completely different. The showrunners continue to keep us guessing, and we’re not the only ones. The cast has been mostly in the dark as well about who’s going to die.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, David Ramsey (Diggle) spoke about what it’s been like this season not knowing who is going to die, as well as his theories on who is in fact in the grave:

“It makes for a great work environment, doesn’t it? You’re on your best behavior. It’s like I used to be late to set, now I’m not. I asked. I wanted to know. Is Diggle dead? Is it me? They didn’t tell me. In terms of what we do, there’s really a death every season, to some degree. They’re offing people every year. It reminds me of when I used to do Dexter. I used to go to the back to the script and see if it’s me who dies. I haven’t done that yet. I don’t know who it is.”

I found it very interesting that he or much of the cast do not know the answer. When we first saw that scene we learned that it took place six months from the date of the season premiere. Initially I thought this might mean that we could get the answer at the mid-season finale as the time period for one season of this show has usually been one year. The fact that Ramsey still doesn’t know and we’re closing in on the mid-season break could mean that it hasn’t been shot yet and we won’t know until sometime next year. I want to know but at the same time I want the characters I’ve grown to love over the years to stick around as long as possible.

David Ramsey also gave his theories on who he thinks might be in the grave.

First up, his thoughts on it being him (Diggle) in the grave:

“I would think that Diggle would have more in terms of the military ceremony. There would be flags in place. You would think that, but maybe the flag was out of frame, so it could be Diggle.”

That’s an interesting take on why it might be Diggle and the clues (or lack thereof) of why it may or might not be him in the grave. He is ex-military and would most likely have a military funeral and the grave would, in theory, be surrounded by flags. Perhaps Diggle sacrifices himself for Oliver or Felicity gets caught in the crossfire or is killed by Damien Dahrk. They have really reaffirmed the brotherhood between him and Oliver and if Oliver lost another brother-like figure (Tommy) that would crush him.

Ramsey on the possibility of it being Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity:

“I just can’t see them messing with that relationship. Also, I don’t even know if [Oliver] would be able to talk if it was Felicity. He would just be so broken.”

Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell Olicity Arrow Season 4

Ramsey is right. The loss of Felicity would absolutely devastate Oliver, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the possibility. Another clue to that scene was that Barry showed up at the gravesite. Other than Oliver he was very close to Felicity and he was more familiar with Diggle than I think any other characters in Arrow. He could also just be showing up as a friend to Oliver to show his support so his level of connection to the individual in the grave could be a moot point.

Could it be Katie Cassidy’s Laurel?

“I just can’t see them putting the father through that again. He already lost a daughter, then he thought he didn’t lose a daughter, then he did, then he didn’t again. Putting poor Lance through all this stuff.”

David Ramsey’s right. Putting Paul Blackthorne’s Captain Lance through the loss of another daughter would be extremely rough. How could you come back from that? Talk about devastating. Also, they have put a lot of effort in developing Laurel into the Black Canary over the past season or so. Whether you like it or not, she is now the Black Canary and I don’t think they would undo all of that work.

What about Thea Queen (Willa Holland)?

“If you take Thea, his whole family is dead except for him!”

Thea is definitely a possibility, but I think she is safe. She was already brought back from the brink of death and they have finally made her Speedy. However, as we learned last week, Thea is able to thwart Damien Darhk’s attack on her most likely as a result of being in the Lazarus Pit. We then saw her tell Merlyn about being able to resist Darhk’s powers. No doubt Merlyn is going to try and use that to his advantage to combat Darhk, but what if in the process of doing so Thea gets killed. That wasn’t his intent of course but Merlyn likes to push the boundaries and the results could be lethal for Thea. At the end of the premier episode Oliver said he was “going to kill him”. I just assumed he was referring to this season’s baddie Damien Dahrk but what if he was referring to Malcom Merlyn.

Another possibility is Paul Blackthorne’s Captain Quentin Lance.

“I know who it’s not. I don’t think it’s Lance. [Oliver] was really, really upset about it. I mean, he likes Lance, but he doesn’t like him that much. He was really wounded by this death.”

Initially I agreed with this line of thinking. Oliver was very upset at the gravesite and I didn’t believe that the loss of Captain Lance would have a big of an impact. Sure, he would be upset but not as much as if it was someone like Diggle, Thea, Laurel or Felicity. However, the development of Lance’s character this season has skyrocketed his name towards the top of my list of candidates. He has become a much more fascinating and likeable character this season. He has become an integral part of Team Arrow using his connection to Dahrk to provide them valuable intelligence. We also had that fantastic scene between Lance and Oliver is Episode 6, ‘Beyond Redemption’, were Oliver told Lance that a part of him had always wanted you (Lance) to see what kind of man he really was. Oliver always wanted some level of approval from Lance and had respected him. This season has also introduced a new possible love interest to Quentin Lance, Felicity’s mom Donna. They continue to build up Lance and make us all care a little bit more about his each week which could all be signs of his eventual demise.

Arrow Season 4 Featured Image

What about someone from Oliver’s past?

“It might be someone from the past, or someone who we don’t know of that comes up and ends up being very important to Oliver and he loses that person.”

I highly doubt it’s someone from his past. They wouldn’t tease us like that with a side character that we rarely see. Plus, I don’t think Barry would show up and it would be a cop out reveal if it was someone minor.

Ramsey also addressed the ‘what if’ it’s someone from Earth-Two?

“It throws me off because Grant shows up and they have this twin Earth, this Earth-Two story going on, it’s like parallel universes. Is that what that was? It’s very tough. The writers are so good. Now since you have introduced metahumans, time travel and parallel earths, it’s an infinite amount of possibilities that could be in that grave.”

This is an interesting theory that I had not considered, but I don’t think they will go this route with Arrow. While we do get the occasional meta-human in Arrow and even the addition of magic and mysticism this season, they have kept meta-humans, time travel and alternate earths over on The Flash. If they did go this route, there are only a couple possibilities I could see impacting Oliver the way it did. Recently on The Flash, it was revealed that the Earth-Two Green Arrow was Robert Queen (Oliver’s father). Oliver could have to relive seeing his father die but I highly doubt it. He’s already dealt with that loss and it wouldn’t have the same impact for us as the audience if wasn’t someone we’re invested in. The other possibility is it’s an Earth-Two counterpart to someone from Team Arrow and something has happened to our Earth-One version where they aren’t around to tell Oliver they’re okay. Again, I highly doubt it’s someone from Earth-Two for all the reasons I’ve stated above but it is an interesting theory I hadn’t considered.

Diggle and Felicity are at the top of my list of candidates with Captain Lance very close to taking one of their spots. I don’t want to see any of them go (who would have thought I would have said that about Lance) but it will definitely leaving a lasting impact regardless of who it is. Plus, all of those characters are original to the show (as is Thea) so there is nothing in the comics history that ties them to the history of Green Arrow. Bottom line is that we are losing one of our main cast sometime this season and we have no idea who it is. And as much as I don’t want to lose any of these characters – this has definitely upped the ante this season!

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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