‘Arrow’s Diggle Coming to Central City to Help The Flash with a Very BIG Problem

By January 6, 2016

Yesterday, David Ramsey aka John Diggle from Arrow, teased another crossover episode between Arrow and The Flash. It was merely a post on his Instagram of him standing outside the writers’ room for The Flash hinting that another crossover was in the works. It wasn’t overly specific. Only a tease. But today we have our answer!

Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg spoke with ComicBook.com confirming that a one-episode crossover is in line for the second season of The Flash.  But this one ain’t your typical crossover. No Oliver or Felicity this time. The Diggles (both John and Lyla) are on their way to Central City to help team Flash clean up an ARGUS mess. This particular mess comes in the form of King Shark. That’s right, folks! King Shark is coming back!

the flash man shark body imageWait? Are you sure that’s not a Street Shark?

King Shark, if you remember, was brought over from Earth-2 by Zoom to destroy the Flash. But before he could finish the job Dr. Wells saved the day.  Some had wondered if that shot by Wells was a fatal blow or if King Shark was merely knocked out. Kreisberg confirmed that King Shark was being held by ARGUS, but now he has escaped and is hellbent on completing his mission to destroy the The Flash.  Now it’s going to be up to The Flash and the Diggles to put King Shark back in his tank.

I didn’t know much about King Shark but after seeing him show up that short scene with him earlier this season I wanted to see more.  He was so bad-ass. I was hoping that we would see him again in some capacity. I’m anxious to see how Diggle reacts to seeing King Shark in person. I know he’s seen a lot in his day but seeing a 14-foot tall, walking-talking shark might just take the cake.

The crossover episode will take place in the upcoming fifteenth episode of The Flash.

The Flash returns with new episodes on January 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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