‘Artemis Fowl’ Movie Set to Be Directed by Kenneth Branagh

By September 2, 2015

Kenneth Branagh has been working his way into new territories as a filmmaker the past few years. After he managed to kick start the Thor franchise for Marvel, by bringing his Shakespearean background into the film’s Asgardian roots and providing a tone that allowed the viewers to take the character seriously onscreen – audiences began to recognize Branagh more and more as a skilled director and not just a talented actor. However, while his follow-up film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, didn’t manage to live up to his previous films or fans’ expectations, his adaptation of Cinderella earlier this year ended up being a smash hit both financially and critically.

So with more hits under his belt than misses as of late, film buffs have been eager to see what Branagh might do next. Will he take on another large studio project? Try his hand at another Shakespeare adaptation? Well, I don’t think many people might have seen this coming.

According to both Variety and The Tracking Board, Branagh will be directing a film adaptation of the popular YA book franchise, Artemis Fowl. Playwright Conor McPherson will be penning the script for the film as well, and while not much is known about the project, it has the potential to become yet another staple franchise for Disney, if Branagh and co. are successful with the adaptation. Harvey Weinstein will be producing the movie as well alongside Branagh.

For those of you who don’t know, the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer follows the adventures of 12-year old billionaire genius and criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl ll. However, when he plots to steal gold from the Secret Fairy People, he is thrown into situations that bring him close to nearly every dangerous creature imaginable. Throughout the 8-installment series, Artemis develops into more of an anti-hero more than a straight-up hero or a villain, as he is forced to work together with fairies and other allies in order to stop an entire wave of villainous megalomaniacs.

It’s definitely an unique project for Branagh to take on, and it’ll be interesting to see how he chooses to show this world and its characters onscreen. McPherson is an exciting choice as well after making a name for himself for writing a slew of incredible, critically-acclaimed plays, and fans should hopefully take comfort knowing a writer of his caliber will be penning the adaptation. Variety also notes that Branagh is still signed on for The Murder on the Orient Express though, so we’ll have to wait and see which project ends up being his next. Something tells me there’s more than just a few fans out there hoping it’s Artemis Fowl though.

The Artemis Fowl movie is currently in development.

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