‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Resurrected For Season 3

By October 7, 2016


Bruce Campbell isn’t done killing the demons he keeps unleashing into the world. And Starz isn’t ready to let him retire either.

The premium cable channel has ordered a third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead, an announcement The Hollywood Reporter says Starz made at New York Comic-Con on Friday. The second season of the show, which resurrects Campbell’s character of Ash Williams from the Evil Dead trilogy dating back to 1981, just debuted on Starz Oct. 2.

In fact, Starz has shown confidence in the comedy from the very beginning of this season, deliberately moving it to Sundays so that it could compete with some of the powerful series offerings other premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime offer.

Campbell first portrayed Ash in The Evil Dead, one of the very earliest projects between him and Sam Raimi. The two had grown up together, and were making movie shorts through the late 1970s, and Raimi raised $100,000 to make this first full-length feature. The film also included early work of another later big Hollywood name – Joel Coen of the Coen Brothers, who was one of the project’s editors.

The Evil Dead would become a surprise hit, earning $2.4 million in North America, and launching the careers of both Campbell and Raimi. The followup in 1987 took a more comedic route, with Army of Darkness wrapping up the trilogy.

A reboot of Evil Dead in 2013 renewed interest in the franchise, and Raimi already was at work creating a television show he first announced at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014.

Campbell stars in the series alongside Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo and Lucy Lawless.

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