‘Avatar 2’ Has Been Delayed, Won’t Make Christmas 2017 Release Date

By January 22, 2016

Avatar 2 has been delayed again, according to The Wrap.

Originally set for a Christmas day release this year, then moved to a Christmas release in 2017 and now without a release date period; the issue with Avatar 2 seems to be a mystery. Fox declined to comment on the reason for the delay.

Fans had been concerned something strange was afoot when Star Wars: Episode VIII decided to move their release to December 15th, 2017; so close to the supposed Avatar 2 date.

Much like the situation with Civil War and Batman V Superman fighting over release dates, you know these two powerhouse flicks aren’t going to lose any of that sweet box office fighting over a release date.

Director James Cameron was planning on shooting multiple Avatar films at the same time and then release them one Christmas at a time. The plan was to release Avatar films in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Blue people fans can rest assured that once the flood gates finally open; there’s going to be a lot of Avatar in your future. Cameron also likes to famously take his time; the original Avatar film took five years to make, then two more in post production so, we’re par for the course.

Think there’s more to it, GeekNation? Or is James Cameron just taking his sweet time? Stay tuned for any updates, right here on GeekNation.

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    So Fox blinks when Star Wars claims the Christmas Market?