Bad Lip Reading Drops 3 Hilarious ‘Star Wars’ Videos

By December 17, 2015

If you are ever bored or 12 years old I have an awesome thing for you and your friends to do. Turn on a rap song, flip your TV to a news station or something with lots of talking and mute it. Sit back and enjoy.  My friends and I discovered at a young that when the lips match the words or hand motions it results in the funniest sh*t of all time. Or maybe we are just weird.

More than that you should check out  Bad Lip Reading  where they take NFL clips, TV show and movie clips and change the words…..I can’t explain it just watch and prepare to cry-laugh as they just dropped THREE new videos on honor of The Force Awakens.

All of which I will gladly show you now:



Did you make it through all of them? I literally couldn’t make it through the first one without taking a break. It actually hurts to laugh this much. Did you guys notice Jack Black in there? Awesome.

Be safe and enjoy seeing Star Wars this weekend! May the force be with you!

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Mike Holtz
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