‘Batman: Arkham HD Collection’ Pre-Order and Release Dates Revealed

By April 19, 2016

In a month where gaming rumors are spawning out of Reddit, it looks like confirmation behind one of the most heavily-rumored re-releases of recent gaming memory has finally arrived.

EuroGamer is reporting what looks to be confirmation that Rocksteady will in fact be releasing Batman: Arkham HD Collection later this year, which will include new versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City for Xbox One and PS4. Which in addition to DLC content on both games, will feature graphically updated versions of both games for the newest console generations.

So you’ll get to witness all of the kick-ass action from the first two Arkham games in all new, HD glory.

That’s not all though as the report also states that the pre-order for the collection will begin today, April 19th, with the collection also set to be released on June 10th on both platforms. Thanks to some photos from PEGI, the European ratings organization.

This is great news, as both installments were incredibly well-received by both critics and gamers alike, and should come as very welcome news for DC and Batman fans. An HD update should look great on both platforms, but as with any title moved from the last gen to the most current, we should probably all beware of any possible graphical flaws as well. Few games ever hold up over time.

So Nation, what do you think about this rumor? Are you excited? Or will you be passing on a return to Arkham?

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