Batman & R2-D2: Zack Snyder Tweets Photo from ‘Batman v Superman’ Set

By August 4, 2014

Zack Snyder seems to be having a lot of fun messing with fans these days. During Comic-Con, Snyder tweeted a photo of star Henry Cavill as Superman dressed in a Jedi robe holding a lightsaber, and now he’s at it again, getting Batman involved this time. Check out Snyder’s photo, posted this morning:

Looks like a “real” photo to me, but Slashfilm points out that the film’s set photographer, Clay Enos, actually took a photo of Snyder shooting this picture with his iPhone this past Saturday, and it gives the whole thing a bit of a different perspective.

So now that’s two Batman v Superman/Star Wars tweets. If BVS was a Disney movie, I could see why Snyder might be doing this: cross-promotion for another of the studio’s big tentpole properties (not that Star Wars needs any help in that area). It’s a little weird to me that Snyder is working on a film for Warner Bros. and tweeting cross-promotional photos for another studio’s golden goose. Is he campaigning for a job? There was talk that he might direct a Star Wars spinoff based on Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, but his reps quickly denied it. Does this mean he’s looking to break into a galaxy far, far away? Snyder is a big-time director, so it’s conceivable that Disney would want him for a Star Wars movie down the line, but there are two important factors to consider that show why this isn’t exactly the most likely outcome.
Snyder is already committed to directing Justice League after he’s finished with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so he’ll be pretty freakin’ busy over the next few years. And while you might say that Disney already has a bunch of Star Wars directors lined up for their next few films in that franchise (meaning Snyder could still come into things, but maybe as late as 2020), look at the track record of what Kathleen Kennedy and the folks at Lucasfilm have done so far. Aside from J.J. Abrams – a high-profile guy with experience directing highly anticipated tentpoles that they needed to revitalize the franchise – the group of guys the studio has hired since then has been almost exclusively younger filmmakers who only have a few movies to their name, who started out very small, and made a big leap to a larger property. Snyder already has a ton of franchises to his name, so he doesn’t exactly fit the mold. Does that mean he won’t ever direct a Star Wars film? Of course not, but considering how responsible for handling the cinematic adventures of WB’s biggest superhero team, it just doesn’t seem likely that he’s thinking THAT far ahead to try to get a job directing a Star Wars film six to ten years from now.
What do you think?

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