Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt 1

By September 26, 2012

The other night, I was fortunate enough to attend the Paley Center event in celebration of the DVD release of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns pt 1, starring Peter Weller and David Selby.

Based on the 1986 graphic novel written by Frank Miller (Sin City), TDKR deals with the fact that Batman has been retired for nearly ten years and now that a new breed of criminal ravages Gotham City, the 55-year-old Bruce Wayne finds himself out of retirement and back into the cape and cowl.

But does the caped crusader still have what it takes to keep Gotham safe?

David Selby (left) and Peter Weller

Along with Peter Weller (Batman/Bruce Wayne), David Selby (Commissioner Gordon), Ariel Winter (Carrie Kelley/Robin), voice director Andrea Romano, screenwriter Bob Goodman, director Jay Oliva and Batman animated mainstay Bruce Timm were on hand for a Q and A panel after a special screening of TDKR.

One of the most anticipated performances and faq’s were directed toward Ariel Winter (best known as Alex from Modern Family) and her feelings about playing the first female Robin, her answer being she found it empowering and an honor to play the role

pictured: Ariel Winter

One of the best stories told at panel was Bruce Timm talking about Yuri Lowenthal (Son of Batman) and the weirdly awesome coincidence once he was cast in the role.


Enough jibba jabba! Check out this tasty, tasty trailer!


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns pt 1 is now available everywhere…I highly recommend you pick it up or he’ll be coming by for a visit.


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