‘Batman V. Superman’ May Be Getting a Release in Glorious 70MM

By December 19, 2015

Thanks to Quentin Tarantino and his love for 70MM old school film, we may be able to watch Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice in glorious 70MM.

According to a report by THRTarantino’s The Hateful Eight will be opening in 100 theaters on Dec. 25th using the format before going wide and digital the week after. Apparently it was a process to not only find the equipment but they actually had to bring people out of retirement who knew how to work it. (reminds me of that sweet old man from Last Action Hero).

In it’s entirety the project ended up costing  $8-$10 Million and 18 months of work. That’s a lot of cash money to be spent on just one release. Add to that the fact these roadshow set ups are also based in 44 of the top 100 US Markets and boom goes the dynamite. The way is now paved for other Studios to easily follow suit. Once again film thanks you, Quentin Tarantino. Can you try and bring back rental stores next? I even miss the smell. Is that weird?

Sources say Warner Bros is considering the format and considering it for Batman V. Superman. Studios are also kicking the tires on re-releasing classic films originally released in 70MM. Would you want to see Batman and Supes go at it in 70MM or do you need that fancy digital projection? I definitely like the idea. Especially if it comes with cool extras.  The Hateful Eight will actually feature a film longer than the one released digitally AND will feature an old school style intermission.

That means you can drink the sh*t out of that giant fountain soda you just paid $8 for without hesitation. A bathroom break is right around the corner. Or use it to check your phone for more Geek Nation updates!

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Mike Holtz
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