‘Batman V. Superman’ Running Time Possibly Revealed

By December 21, 2015

No way to be 100% on this one because there’s been no official announcement but according to DC Comics Movie.com we have a running time for Batman V. Superman: Lots Of Sh*t To Do In One Movie, Oh sorry I meant Batman V. Superman:Dawn of Justice.

The film has gone up for pre-order in Germany and they have the running time listed as 151 Minutes (2 hours and 31 minutes).

I now feel a little bit better considering we’re supposed to be covering well…..a sh*t ton.  My excitement level for this movie is already WAY too high for a grown man. Then again I was just as excited when I thought the movie was just about Batman V. Superman. Then they added Lex Luthor. Then the Justice League Origin. Then Zod (as corpse). Then Doomsday.

Do I think the film is going to be amazing? Yes and yes. But there has been worry that they are cramming a LOT of stuff into this and honestly I just want to see Batman and Superman go fisticuffs with a good Frank Miller-esque story to back it up. So, in short?  I’m psyched the screen time is atleast 2.5 hours long. In the words of Bane, “We will need it.”

Then again, the Man of Steel storyline was only 8 minutes shorter! That was merely Superman’s origin story and fight with Zod. Do you think this running time is long enough? We’ll keep you updated when this becomes official right here on Geek Nation!

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Mike Holtz
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