‘Beasts of No Nation’ Trailer Offers New Look at Netflix’s War Drama

By October 12, 2015

Director Cary Funkunaga shot onto the map through his breakthrough work on the first season of HBO’s True Detective. In a season where nearly anything could have been the standout, everything seemed to work together cohesively in such a brilliant way that Funkunaga’s direction was allowed to shine and showcased the director’s true cinematic potential in a way few other TV filmmakers are allowed. His work landed him several award nominations and wins, and it was easy to see why his name became attached to a number of feature film projects shortly after the first season finale.

However, none of the projects seem to hold quite as much as Beasts of No Nation, which will be his first feature film since his work on True Detective. The film is coming through Netflix and has already begun to garner the streaming service some serious awards buzz following its festival premieres at Telluride and TIFF. Starring Idris Elba in the lead role as well, Beasts looks intense and unique in a way that few other films of its genre have been over the past few years too.

With the movie’s official release set for this Friday, Netflix has released the final official trailer for the movie online, and prepare yourselves people, this looks like one hell of an intense ride. Check it out below:

Like I said above, the movie looks like an intensely unique addition to the war drama, focusing not only on a different country and landscape than most of its hallmarks, but Beasts of No Nation also differentiates itself from other movies like it through its point of view. With the movie being told from the perspective of Agu (Abraham Attah) as he is ensnared into being a child soldier for a group of rebels, the movie looks like it could combine innocence and brutality in such a startling way, that I can’t imagine it’ll be easy to look away from.

Funkunaga’s direction is precise and calculated throughout, reminiscent of some of his work in both True Detective and Jane Eyre, and the film’s cinematography looks absolutely breathtaking. with Elba giving a sinister and charismatic performance in the trailer alone. I can’t imagine Beasts not being one of the big Oscar contenders so far this year, and whether you’re already preparing your Netflix list for it, or venturing out to one of the few movie theatre screenings around the country – this doesn’t look like one to miss.

Beasts of No Nation will be released in select theatres and on Netflix on October 16th.

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