Ben Affleck Could Direct and Star in Politically-Minded New Project

By October 28, 2013


While this summer’s jawdropping news that Ben Affleck is set to take on Batman’s cape and cowl for Batman Vs. Superman seemed to ensure that the Argo director would have to step back from his solid work behind the camera, that might not necessarily prove to be the case.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Warner Bros. and Pearl Street Films (Matt Damon’s outfit) are developing a new project with the intention that Affleck will both direct and star in the new film (a double duty he’s pulled off with aplomb in his last two films). Rising screenwriter Will Staples is currently set to pen the feature, joining his other in-the-works films like Myth and King of Heists (which already had Affleck’s The Town co-star Jeremy Renner in place to star).


The unnamed feature sounds right up Affleck’s alley, and it’s heartening that he’s not getting out of the directing biz (at least for a bit) and that he is sticking to projects that combine both action and thorny moral landscapes. The outlet shares that the “film is set in Africa, where a bunch of mercenaries are hired to kill a warlord who has been victimizing his own people. The film is both an action movie and an examination of the moral ambiguities of how philanthropy and foreign assistance veers into modern-day neocolonialism. It also tracks how involvement in the affairs of foreign countries is always a good deal more complicated than anticipated in the planning stages.”

As Deadline notes, similar themes were explored in Argo, though Affleck’s other two films – Gone Baby Gone and The Town – were also concerned with complicated crimes with major moral repercussions, albeit on a smaller scale.

It’s not currently known when Affleck would make the film (if at all, let’s just be honest here), but he does have a full slate as of now – beyond Batman, he’s currently filming David Fincher’s Gone Girl and he’s reportedly still set to direct and star in Live By Night, as adapted from Dennis Lehane’s novel.

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Kate Erbland
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