UPDATED: Ben Affleck May Have Just Revealed Deathstroke’s Introduction in the DC Movie Universe

By August 29, 2016

UPDATE: TheWrap has confirmed that Deathstroke will be the main villain of Affleck’s solo Batman movie, thanks to new information from a source reportedly with “knowledge of the situation,” and following Affleck’s reveal of the Deathstroke footage this morning. The rest of the original report remains as follows below.

We live in a strange world, don’t we? One night, you can go to bed thinking that you have a fairly clear idea of what to expect from director Zack Snyder’s Justice League and which characters it will be introducing into the DCEU, and then the next morning, Ben Affleck posts a random thirty-second-long video out of nowhere teasing the possible introduction of one of DC’s more notable assassins/bad asses, and everything changes.

Because that’s exactly what the Batman actor and director did this morning, posting a small video to his official Twitter account of what appears to be official filmed footage from a monitor on what we can only assume is the Justice League production, featuring the introduction of none other than Slade Wilson himself, Deathstroke.

Check it out below:

Now, this looks about as close to real footage as possible, and it seems to be depicting the character’s introduction as he walks through an of aircraft hangar of some kind (we think). So either this is a scene that’s been filmed for one of the upcoming DCEU films, with the most likely candidate being Justice League, or this is just Affleck seriously trolling us right now.

Considering the last time Slade Wilson was rumored for the DCEU was when Scott Eastwood was originally cast in Suicide Squad (and look at how that turned out), the possibility of his introduction in Justice League hadn’t even entered into most fans’ consideration, assuming of course that this is from Justice League, which is impossible to know for sure at this point.

Personally, if he was going to have a role in one of the DCEU films, I’d prefer it if it were Affleck’s solo Batman film, since I don’t entirely know what he can do in a Justice League movie, but then again, I also had no idea this was even happening until this morning. None of us did. So… thanks Ben Affleck.

Justice League is set to hit theatres on November 17th, 2017.

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