Best New Tumblrs Of 2012

By December 28, 2012

I’m an internet fanatic and there is no place I like to waste time more than on Tumblr. Here’s my favorite new Tumblr blogs from 2012.

Old People Writing On A Restaurant’s Facebook Page

The only thing I love more than the internet is old people on the internet.  If you love when old people use their Facebook status window like it’s Google, then this tumblr is GOLD.  GOLD I TELL, YA!

What If Adele Was Mrs. Doubtfire?

Okay,  I’ve never pondered this particular question, but I have to appreciate the completely blissful randomness of it all.  Why does this work so well? All I know is that, IMO,  this is what photoshop was made for. Yes, I have incredibly low standards.


I could have really used this tumblr after the horrifying holiday ham incident of 2010.  It was like a dog fart mushroom cloud.

Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

This site makes me so unbelievably happy it’s embarrassing. Seriously, my cat is looking at me with complete disdain at this very moment as I sit here smiling.

The Clair Danes Cry Face Project

Never has someone crying been so dang hilarious. Claire Danes can pull some serious cry face!


I’m not a fan of math, but I’m a huge fan of Facemath. I’m not really proud of that fact, but I like to own my flaws.

Rich Kids Of Instagram

This site is a great place to get your rage on.  It’s second only to mom blog comment sections when it comes to making me feel stabby.

Sorry, Feminists!

I have to adore any blog that introduces me to the above GIF. It’s like in my contract or something.  If you love the idea of pissing off humorless feminists, this is the blog for you!

Mugshot Doppleganger

I love me some celebrity mugshots.  This Tumblr mashes up those mugshots with ones taken in 1920’s Australia. It’s like looking at an artsy TMZ. It’s genius.

Kanye Wes

 Kanye West meets Wes Anderson. Need I say more? Actually I don’t even know that I can say more.

What’s your favorite Tumblr of the year? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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