Bill Murray to Cameo in 2016’s ‘Ghostbusters’

By August 9, 2015

We already know that actor Dan Aykroyd will be appearing in a cameo role in next year’s Ghostbusters film, and now, a somewhat surprising original cast member from the 1984 film will be joining him.

Bill Murray, who played Dr. Peter Venkman in the original Ghostbusters, will appear in an unspecified cameo in next July’s film, according to THR. While Murray’s involvement is confirmed, very little else is known about the nature of his appearance. Could he be appearing as Venkman again? That seems unlikely, since many are labelling this production as a “reboot” of the Ghostbusters franchise, and it’s uncommon for previous characters to exist in the world established by a reboot. Still, it’s fun to guess at how exactly he might show up.

Murray is somewhat notorious for being the only hold-out of the original cast not willing to move forward with a Ghostbusters 3. While it was actively being worked on by Aykroyd and collaborator and co-star Harold Ramis, Murray would often display a non-committal and somewhat dubious attitude toward whether or not he would be willing to appear in a third film with the original cast. He did take part in a spiritual Ghostbusters 3 when Ghostbusters: The Video Game was released in 2009, reuniting most of the cast (save for Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis) and taking place shortly after the events of the second film, casting the player in the part of a new recruit to the organization.

Efforts to create a third film with the original cast have fallen off completely due to the untimely death of Harold Ramis in February of 2014. While Feig’s film has been met with resistance from the fan community, though Feig’s previous collaborations with star Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig have been both critically and commercially successful. We’ll have to see if it can ultimately win over fans when Ghostbusters is released on July 15th, 2016. For more on Ghostbusters as it develops further, check back with GeekNation!

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