Billy Eichner Gets a New Comedy Pilot at USA Executive Produced by Amy Poehler

By May 7, 2014

Comedian Billy Eichner is already busy with his own Emmy-nominated series “Billy on the Street” and a frequent recurring spot on “Parks & Recreation” that might turn into a series regular gig as the show heads into a likely final season.

But now Eichner is poised to get a sitcom of his own on USA. THR reports Eichner is teaming with longtime friend, comedian, and “Mulaney” head writer Julie Klausner for a new scripted comedy pilot called “Difficult People.”

The series would follow Eichner and Klausner, who also created the show, in a familiar formula as they play best friends and frustrated comedians ingrained in pop culture taking on New York City, despite the fact that they hate everybody but each other. And Eichner will get some help from “Parks & Recreation” star Amy Poehler who is on board as an executive producer, and you can see how well they work together in this Christmas segment from “Billy on the Street” right here:

The Fuse network version of “Billy on the Street,” a show that originated as a web series on Funny or Die, is currently in its third season, and Eichner is on a roll with momentum from his appearances on “Parks and Recreation.” USA will use the same plan that worked for their comedy series “Benched,” which was given a pilot presentation and ordered to series as one of the first few half-hour comedy series to hit the network in over a decade.

Since USA is untested in its success with half-hour comedies, it’s hard to say just how much success Eichner can find there, but at the very least he’ll get more exposure. Plus, it’s hard to turn down the chance to lead your own series that you created with one of your longtime comedian friends. We wish it would avoid the trope of debut series from comedians by having the stars play comedians in the show as well, but hey – sometimes it actually works.

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