‘Black Mirror’ Creator Regrets Turning Down ‘Doctor Who’

By October 25, 2016


Before there was Black Mirror in the life of its creator, Charlie Brooker, there almost was something different: Doctor Who.

Brooker, a British satirist who just celebrated the release of his anthology show’s third season on Netflix this week, told The Independent that he almost ended up getting a story credit on the popular BBC time-traveling show. It just didn’t work out. The sad part? No one has approached him recently at all, and Brooker would like them to.

“I was approached for Doctor Who, and I just didn’t have time.”

“It was really annoying. I was really busy and they haven’t asked me again since. It was a bit like the Home Office asking you to do something.”

Brooker didn’t share details on when producers offered him such an opportunity, or which Doctor’s era it came in. Russell T. Davies was the showrunner behind Doctor Who during the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant years, while Steven Moffat has run the show during the Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi times.

capaldi102516Doctor Who is no stranger to bringing in popular writers. Mark Gatiss, who co-created Sherlock with Moffat, is a prime example, writing seven episodes in all. Other writers include Bridget Jones’ Diary scribe Richard Curtis, Men Behaving Badly creator Simon Nye, and of course, graphic novelist Neil Gaiman.

Brooker, however, might still be too busy. Now that the third season of Black Mirror has debuted, he’s hard at work writing Season 4 of the speculative fiction anthology series. That will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2017.

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