The New BlackBerry 10: Is it Really That Hard to Navigate?

By January 30, 2013

I had a Blackberry for many years. I loved my Blackberry. The best part (any Blackberry owner will tell you) is the keyboard of the old Blackberry. I wish every phone had a blackberry keyboard. I wish my Wii, and my Apple TV, and my Roku…all had Blackberry keyboards.

BlackBerry unveiled it’s latest and greatest today. Two smart phones: the all-touchscreen Z10, and the Q10, which THANK GOD still has a keyboard.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Research In Motion officially changed their name to Blackberry?

After years of loyal Blackberry ownership, I now have a Samsung Galaxy. I love my phone and I can’t imaging loving any other phone any better…unless it had the old Blackberry keyboard. I wonder if pressing the keys on the new Blackberry 10 keyboard possesses the same tactile satisfaction that it did 5 years ago when when I had my last Blackberry?

If you get one of the new Blackberry phones, I’d really be curious to hear your review. From the looks of this Mashable video…they seem pretty hard to navigate.

I can’t wait to get a Q10 in my hands and play with that keyboard.

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