Blizzard Debuts New Animated ‘Overwatch’ Short Online

By April 6, 2016

In terms of animation, this short from the Blizzard produced Overwatch is simply breathtaking. If this game isn’t made into an animated movie, the MMO kings at Blizzard are really missing an opportunity to expand on something special (via The Verge) here.

The team-based shooter will be available May 24th, and in the build up to the game’s release, short overview videos of each character have slowly been released. You can catch Winston’s video here, but this week’s short is all about the big bad, Amélie LaCroix, aka as the Widowmaker. This French woman is about as dead of a shot as well… Deadshot.

Check it out below:

The folks over at, have provided detailed character overviews and the story behind the Widowmaker as well, that as you probably could guess, paint her to be a pretty deadly character (via

“It is believed that in her former life, Widowmaker was married to Gérard Lacroix, an Overwatch agent spearheading operations against the Talon terrorist organization. After several unsuccessful attempts to eliminate Gérard, Talon decided to change its focus to his wife, Amélie. Talon operatives kidnapped her and subjected her to an intense program of neural reconditioning. They broke her will, suppressed her personality, and reprogrammed her as a sleeper agent. She was eventually found by Overwatch agents, apparently none the worse for wear, and returned to her normal life.

Two weeks later she killed Gérard in his sleep.”

So far, it looks like Activision/Blizzard may have a hit on their hands if the public responds the way the critics have because this game not only looks huge, but also has a unique feel to it that should be enough to rope most gamers in.

Overwatch will be available May 24th on PC, PS4, and XBOX ONE.

So Nation, what do you think about Overwatch? Are you intrigued by these short films? Sound off below and keep it locked here to GeekNation for all your video game needs.

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