‘Bourne 5’ Set Image Highlights Matt Damon’s Return

By September 8, 2015

After three incredible first installments featuring Matt Damon in the title role as Jason Bourne, the Bourne franchise’s future began to be called into question following the disappointing Jeremy Renner-led, The Bourne Legacy. While the film wasn’t bad necessarily, it didn’t live up to the standard created by the first three and failed to find the perfect balance of intelligent action and story, a line that the first three films had managed to ride perfectly.

However, Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass (Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum) are returning for the untitled next installment in the franchise, and while not much is currently known about the project – we do know that it will feature the return of Jason Bourne into a completely different world than the one we last saw him in.

Production on the film has begun this week and the franchise’s producer, Frank Marshall, recently tweeted out the first image from the movie’s set and features our first look at Damon back as Jason Bourne. Check out the tweet below:

The image doesn’t show much, but it does look like Bourne is already getting into some pretty rough situations again judging by the amount of dirt and bruises on Damon’s body. Along with the returning lead, the movie will also feature the return of Julia Stiles as Nicky, as well as newcomers like Tommy Lee Jones as a high-level CIA officer, Alicia Vikander in an unknown role, and Vincent Cassel as the movie’s villain – an assassin set to track down Bourne (along the same lines as Clive Owen, Karl Urban, and Edgar Ramirez’s characters from the previous installments).

A lot about the movie is being kept under wraps right now, including its title and basic premise. However, Damon did recently reveal that the movie will find Bourne in a stern, post-Snowden world that will deal with topics like spying, freedom, and more. Knowing how well Greengrass and Damon have tackled political issues before in their films as well as the bar they set with Supremacy and Ultimatum, it looks like fans might finally be getting the Bourne continuation they’ve been hoping for.

Bourne 5 is set to be released on July 29th, 2016.

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    Have Jason Bourne KILL Aaron Cross so that reboot never sees the light of day again!!!!!