Bradley Cooper May Finish His ‘American’ Trilogy with ‘American Blood’

By February 24, 2014

OK, so it’s not exactly a real connected trilogy. But if all goes well, Cooper will star in three relatively recent films with the word “American” in the title: American Hustle (in which he’s nominated for an Oscar), Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, and the latest film to which he’s attached himself, American Blood.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Cooper will star in and produce American Blood, a film based on an upcoming novel by 24-year-old New Zealand writer Ben Sanders. The story tells the tale of “Marshall Grade, an NYPD officer-turned-mob-informant, who, while living in the witness protection program in New Mexico, is pulled into a dangerous investigation involving a missing woman.”

Bradley Cooper 4

Doesn’t exactly sound like it’s breaking new ground in the storytelling department, but that doesn’t mean that the studio isn’t considering this the start of a potential franchise. Sanders’ novel – which hits shelves in fall of 2015 – is intended to be the first in a series, so it makes sense that they’d try to jump on this early and grab Cooper – one of the biggest A-listers working today – to come on board. Andrew Sodroski (who wrote the upcoming film Holland, Michigan, starring Bryan Cranston) will write the screenplay.

Does the fact that Cooper will have three recent films with the word “American” in the title actually mean anything? Not really. But it’s an interesting coincidence, and if you go even further back into the actor’s filmography, you’ll find two more instances of that occurrence: he had a small role in Wet Hot American Summer, and appeared in the little-seen 2008 film Older Than America. So that’s five “American” movies if you’re keeping score at home. Go forth and impress your friends with this obscure trivia fact, and tell ’em GeekNation taught you something.

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