Bradley Cooper’s ‘Limitless’ TV Series Lands Pilot Commitment at CBS

By November 4, 2014

Over a year ago, we learned that Relativity Television was bringing the Neil Burger directed film Limitless to the small screen in the form of a TV series that would be executive produced by the film’s star Bradley Cooper, writer Leslie Dixon, and producer Scott Kroopf.

Now Variety reports the series has been given a pilot production commitment by CBS with Burger attached to direct the first episode in the hopeful series. The filmmaker will also executive produce the show with the addition of Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Heather Kadin at K/O Paper Products (that’s Kurtzman and Orci’s production company, where their partnership remains intact for TV work) along with director/producer Todd Phillips, producing with Cooper through their new Yet to Be Named Company.

For those who don’t know, the original film followed a struggling author having trouble completing his work. But when a top secret drug surfaces that will make him smarter by giving him the ability to utilize 100% of his brain, his life is turned around into a dream rise to fame and success…until the side effects begin to manifest themselves and a shadowy force starts watching his every move. Here’s the film’s trailer:

As for the series, it will also follow a man who uses a drug to achieve powers and abilities that allow him to do good. It’ll be interesting to see how they flesh this out into a series, but it might also allow the concept to reach its full potential, since the film seemed to fall into typical thriller territory instead of exploring what could have been a much more substantially utilized premise.

Again, Cooper isn’t starring in the series, but no lead has been named for the series yet. It’s convenient that the project is just now getting a pilot order as tons of other movies are getting turned into TV series like the ’80s comedies Uncle Buck starring John Candy, and the fan-favorite Big starring Tom Hanks just to name a couple. We’ll keep our ear to the ground for more details on this developing series adaptation.

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