‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Says “Quit Throwing Pizzas!”

By March 11, 2015

Remember the infamous scene from season three of “Breaking Bad” where Walter White (Bryan Cranston) brings home a giant pizza in hopes of smoothing things over with his perpetual bitch of a wife, Skyler, only to have her throw him and the pizza out (seriously, woman — IT’S PIZZA), driving White to toss the pizza on the roof in anger?

Allow me to refresh your memory…

That toss was pretty funny — even if it was a waste of a perfectly good pizza — but that’s also a real house that real people live in, and show creator Vince Gilligan is unhappy with what’s been happening lately to the people who REALLY live there.


Understandably, the homeowners knew that once their house was discovered to be the home of Walter White, their little home would become a massive tourist attraction — with one of the owners, Fran (above), remarking back in 2013 that “Last month we had 404 cars here that I saw. We’ve met people from all over the world, and it’s been amazing.”

Now, not so much, and Gilligan is pissed. While recording this week’s “Better Call Saul Insider Podcast” episode, co-creator Vince Gilligan — alongside his guest Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut) — had a message for rude “fans” of “Breaking Bad.”

“Lately, we’re hearing from the owner that folks are wandering on to her property, and are being rude to her when she comes out and basically says ‘you’re on my property.’ They are throwing pizzas on roofs and stuff like that. Let me tell you, there is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady’s roof. It is just not funny. It’s been done before. You are not the first.”

Gilligan’s message begins at 3:17:

The other thing about jerks who throw pizzas on the roof? Sooner or later someone’s got to go up there and clean it off.

In the show it was Walter, but that’s just a SHOW, people. breaking-bad-pizza-on-roof

Not to mention it’s a waste of your money and the death of an INNOCENT PIZZA, MAN.

Just knock it off.

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