“Bring it On” Hits Broadway

By June 19, 2012

This morning Taylor Louderman, Adrienne Warren and the cast of “BRING IT ON: The Musical” performed two numbers on the Today Show.

Within moments my twitter and phone blew up with excitement, glee, confusion and queries.

I think my favorites were the texts I got from my wonderful Mother-in-Law, Sandy:

9:40am  The Broadway cast of “Bring it On” was on the Today Show today!
9:42am  Did you see it?
9:43am  Did they ask you to be in the musical?
9:50am  Marlene wants to know if you can still do the tumbling?
9:55am  What do you think about it?

So Mom (and everyone else) here are my official thoughts about it all.

“Bring It On” was an amazing experience!  It was Peyton Reed’s first feature, and he had a hell of a time managing the large ensemble cast of around 40 people, all in their teens and 20’s. We were young, in San Diego, constantly dressed in skimpy sportswear, lived in a hotel together and unsupervised. It was heaven!

Reed was ambitious, and aside from the Scorsese-style single camera shot he attempted as the opening locker scene (It was long and took about 20 takes, and only a portion of it ended up in the actual film) the movie was shot and executed almost flawlessly.  The fun we had filming definitely translated onto film, and helped make the move #1 at the box office for three weeks straight!

So listen, as for the musical, I haven’t seen it, but I say “why not?”

No, they didn’t contact me to be in it, and yes, I can still do all the tumbling!

The beauty of theater is the innately creative interactive experience between audience and performers, and I see no better way of breaking down the 4th wall than through “exciting fresh sound and explosive dance moves with aerial stunts….”  and hopefully a little bitchyness from a Courtney-like character!

My only question is, what exactly are all those male hands grabbing for on their promo poster?

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