So Hot For Burning Love

By June 28, 2012

If you haven’t seen it, “Burning Love” is a 14-episode original web series on Yahoo. It’s an absolutely hilarious, dead on parody of “The Bachelor” TV series. It’s served up in delicious bite size 8-9 minute episodes. The series is written by Erica Omyama and is directed by the show’s star Ken Marino.


Each and every episode is full of so many hilarious moments that you’ll want to watch them again. I find myself stopping and rewinding to watch things over and over. Bachelor Mark Orlando (Marino), is a fire fighter, ready to settle down with a slutty stranger and has put his love life in the hands of his reality show producers, “Burning Love” host (Michael Ian Black) and a therapist (Adam Scott). Orlando is super into himself and is so clueless he can barely walk. Ken plays it perfectly.

The show has an all star cast of veteran comedy performers: Jennifer Aniston, Malin Akerman, Natasha Leggero, Noureen DeWulf, Kristen Bell, Janet Varney, Mather Zickel, Beth Dover, Morgan Walsh, Ken Jeong, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor and others.

If you enjoy laughing, or reality shows, or laughing at reality shows, then you’re going to really enjoy “Burning Love.” Lucky for you there are 9 episode live on the site for you to watch back to back. Here’s episode 1 for those of you who need to get caught up.


What do you think of “Burning Love”?

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