Caity Lotz Says ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ May Give Sara a New Girlfriend

By June 28, 2016

Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance was perhaps one of Arrow‘s greatest achievements in its second season, as it not only introduced fans to a strong, lovable female superhero, but also introduced one of the few prominent bisexual characters in the genre right now. Though her relationship with Nyssa Al-Ghul basically fizzled out when she made the jump from Arrow to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as well, and Sara’s romantic possibilities have been few and far between in the spin-off series, it sounds like that all may be about to change in the next season.

During a recent interview with Moviefone, Lotz teased that Sara could receive a new girlfriend in the second season of the show, after hanging out with the rest of her mostly-male Legends team throughout the entirety of the Legends first season:

“I think Sara might get a new girlfriend!”

Don’t panic yet though Nyssa/Sara shippers, as the actress also expressed interest in having Katrina Law crossover into Legends in the new season as well:

“She worked it in her deal so that she could come and see us!”

Lotz also went on to express her desire to appear in The Flash at some point, and even have Legends venture into the show’s Earth-2 world:

“I think it’d be really cool to see the Black Siren, which is Katie Cassidy. I want to see Katie Cassidy and Danielle Panabaker’s evil alter egos. I want to go head-to-head with them.”

In case you were wondering as well, Lotz has thought out what she’d want the Earth-2 version of Sara to be, saying that she’d be “chill and simple. I’d be, like, a librarian, or knit scarves. That’s what Sara does in Earth Two,” because an alternate, knitting version of Sara Lance? Sure. Why not?

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere its second season on Thursday, October 13th.

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