‘Captain America: Civil War’ Concept Art Reveals Alternate Design For Black Panther’s Costume

By July 12, 2016

Black Panther’s costume in Captain America: Civil War is arguably not only one of the most faithful comic book adaptations of a supersuit onscreen, but also one of the flat out best. The way that it moves and feels both skin-tight and armor-like is a stunning technical achievement to behold, though the multiple helmets were reportedly not pleasant for Chadwick Boseman to wear in the Atlanta heat. For what it’s worth, his pain paid off quite spectacularly in the movie itself.

While some very similar concept art for the costume was revealed years ago when it was first announced that Black Panther would even officially be in the MCU, and would be played by Boseman as well, it looks like the character still went through some possible alternate costume designs for Civil War nonetheless.

Andy Park, one of the studio’s go-to’s in the art department, has revealed two new concept art sketches he did for the movie, which reveal a much different, more blue look for the character in the movie than what we ended up getting:

bp 1 bp 2

There’s noticeably more blue in this version than in the final theatrical costume, and the actual fabric/armor in the suit itself seems to be much more defined and less smooth than what we ended up getting. Personally, I still prefer the film version, though it should be interesting to see if Black Panther’s costume evolves at all moving forwards like so many of the other Avengers’ costumes have. I don’t imagine being disappointed either way.

Following his appearance in Civil War earlier this year as well, Black Panther is set to make his onscreen return on February 16th, 2018 in his own standalone film.

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