‘Captain America: Civil War’ Concept Art Reveals Alternate Scarlet Witch Design

By June 28, 2016

In terms of onscreen costumes, I’d say that Marvel has done a fairly incredible job in adapting their heroes and villain’s costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, managing to pay homage to the comic book roots in many ways, while also providing modern updates and changing some aspects of the suit to make it more fitting of the big screen. Just look at the evolution of Cap’s costume throughout the films for an example.

One of the characters who’s onscreen costume has been noticeably different than their comic book counterpart’s (for obvious reasons) though, is Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, who if she looked like she did in the comics, may be difficult to be taken seriously if we’re being completely honest. Plus, it’d probably be the most revealing comic book movie costume, ever.

A new piece of concept art for Scarlet Witch in Captain America: Civil War though, reveals an alternate design for the character that while staying fairly close to the film’s version, does bring back the character’s iconic headband from the comics. Check it out below (via Andy Park):

I particularly like the headband if I’m being honest, and hope that they find some way to integrate it into her character’s onscreen costume in some way, at some point. Especially considering she’s arguably the most powerful member on the team right now, and I think it adds a bit more of a mystical aspect to her look than her current costume does, which in all fairness, I think does a fairly good job of adapting it from the comics when all is said and done.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • BastianBux

    They should have went with that look cuz she still looks like a damn Vagabond. Give her a damn new hairstyle