‘Captain America: Civil War’ Concept Art Teases Goes Inside The Film’s Look, Teases Unused Scenes

By May 30, 2016

Aside from being one of its most critically acclaimed films to date, Captain America: Civil War is also one of the film’s most visually gorgeous and dynamic films to date as well, between the Serbian backdrop at the film’s conclusion or even the Laggos streets during the opening action sequence. The Russo Brothers used each of the environments made available to them to the best they could, and I think that becomes increasingly more evident each time you see the film.

Now, concept artist Maciej Kuciara has revealed a large number of original concept pieces that he created from the film, some that ended up almost exactly in the final, theatrical cut of the film, in addition to several pieces that didn’t end up in the movie, which not only help to give some insight into how the film progressed from the concept art to the big screen, but also how the scenes themselves evolved and changed.

Check out the images for yourself below:

civil war concept art 4 civil war concept art 5 civil war concept art 6 civil war concept art 11 civil war concept art 15 civil war concept art 16 civil war concept art 2 civil war concept art 7 civil war concept art 8 civil war concept art 14 civil war concept art 13 civil war concept art 9

Kuciara did admit that he’s still not sure which pieces ended up in the actual film and which didn’t, since he has a habit of not seeing the movie’s he’s worked on. Nonetheless, the images here are stunning, and with the Siberian images in particular, it just reflects how well Civil War works on an aesthetic level alone. It’ll be interesting as well, to see if any of these scenes were actually filmed or not, and if we might expect to see any of them show up on the blu ray or digital release of the film

Captain America: Civil War is in theatres everywhere now.

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