‘Captain America: Civil War’ Director Talks About Bringing in Ant-Man and Spider-Man

By April 25, 2016

From the beginning, two of the most anticipated aspects of Captain America: Civil War, was the introduction of two of the most interesting and beloved characters in the Marvel comics, in both Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa/Black Panther. Which in my opinion, very much live up to their own respective hype. However, the film also brought another relatively new entry into the Avengers fray with Paul Rudd’s Scott Lange/Ant-Man, whose inclusion brings it own benefits and rewards onscreen.

While recently speaking at the Civil War press conference in Los Angeles as well, co-director, Anthony Russo, spoke briefly on what it was like getting to introduce both Ant-Man and Spider-Man to all of the other characters in the film, and the tonal balance that they tried to strike with the two.

Here’s what Russo had to say about the two characters:

“We knew that we wanted to tell a very complicated story between Captain America and Iron Man in this movie. A story that went to very difficult, dark places. We’re big fans of balancing storytelling, we like really well-rounded movies, like movies that make us laugh and cry. So for us it became very important to find a way to change the dynamic and modulate the tone in the movie by bringing in characters that didn’t have the same emotional investment that all of the Avengers had, and the events that were unfolding cause they’re very serious, complicated events. To bring in characters like Spider-man, like Ant-man, into the movie – who don’t have that baggage – gave us an opportunity as storytellers to bring new colors into the film at a deep place in the movie. Lighter colors. More whimsical colors, and I just think that helped to balance out the big fight out that they with another at the airport. We tried to find very organic ways that the characters found their way into the movie. Both of those characters.”

In my opinion, Ant-Man and Spider-Man manage to steal the show from almost all of the other characters in the movie, with even the brief amounts of screen time that they receive, respectively. There’s twists and surprises with both characters, and Russo’s right, where they both manage to bring new blood and breathe new life into each side in the film, as well as providing a new, untainted perspective to each of the teams. It’s brilliantly done.

Captain America: Civil War is set to hit theatres on May 6th.

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