‘Captain America: Civil War’ Directors to Explore Key Relationships in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

By May 5, 2016

With Captain America: Civil War hitting theaters this weekend, directors Anthony and Joe Russo have been doing plenty of interviews, and each time they reveal something new. Earlier this week, they spoke about the strong possibility of an LGBT character appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and yesterday they commented on the likelihood of a Black Widow solo film.

Today, they’re looking ahead to the future – specifically, to the soon-to-be-retitled Avengers: Infinity War – and thinking about the relationships they’d like to explore between various characters. In an interview with /Film, they spoke about three particular connections they’re hoping to flesh out even further:

Joe Russo: Certainly Scarlet Witch and Vision. It’s a very compelling story. Obviously, it’s one ripped from the comics that, for many years, there was some very interesting storytelling and characters. One character is searching for how to identify with humanity, another who is on a journey away from her humanity towards becoming a very powerful being.

Anthony Russo: I would also say Captain America and Iron Man is central. Can those guys ever repair their relationship? What is their relationship ever going to be like moving forward from this?

Joe Russo: Should they repair it?

Anthony Russo: That’s as complicated as anything. The other relationship that’s still exciting to us is, again, Cap and Bucky. The wonderful thing about this movie, which started in Winter Soldier, is that Cap had a belief in him, that there’s still a human being inside the Winter Soldier that he can save and that he can reach, and he’s gone to incredible lengths now, with incredible faith, that that’s waiting for him if he goes there. He’s found that human being inside Bucky Barnes, but who is that guy going forward? Just because he’s found and he’s there, he’s still this crazy, bastard hybrid of who he used to be in The First Avenger and this killing machine.

Joe Russo: If he’s not Bucky Barnes or The Winter Soldier, then who he is?

Anthony Russo: He’s somebody new now. What kind of relationship will him and Cap have moving forward?

These comments will make a lot of sense to anyone that has already seen Captain America: Civil War. The film lays some very subtle groundwork for the connection between Wanda and Vision, while the Cap/Bucky and Cap/Iron Man connections are both a major driving force of the film’s narrative. When the credits roll, there’s still plenty of room for exploration on all three fronts, and it should be interesting to see where the Russo brothers decide to go from here.

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