‘Captain America: Civil War’ Empire Cover Previews the Film’s Highly-Anticipated Battle

By February 19, 2016

Despite lacking a few key Avengers team members, and still being a Captain America-centric story, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War might just be the studio’s most ambitious outing yet, not only pitting a majority of its notable characters against each other in a philosophical and physical war, but also introducing a number of key new characters as well in Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Daniel Bruhl’s Baron Zemo, and more.

Now, with just a few more months until the film’s theatrical release in May, the cover for the new Civil War issue of Empire Magazine has been revealed, and similar to some of the film’s other posters and trailers, it doesn’t look like Captain America or Iron Man are going to be pulling any punches with each other this time around.

Check out the new cover below:

captain america civil war cover

The trailers for the film have done a very good job at this point of only really giving small tastes and images, especially in the build up, to the eventual showdown between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man. While the first teaser ended with that small fight sequence between Cap, Bucky, and Iron Man, that’s about the only fighting between the heroes that we’ve seen much of in the film up until this point, and I hope that Marvel keeps it that way until the film’s actual release. Unlike what they did with Age of Ultron last year, by slowly releasing basically the entire film online in trailers and clips.

We have yet to see any of Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man yet as well, with the general consensus amongst fans being that the studio may keep the character’s look and role in the film as secret as possible, for as long as they can. I have a feeling that they’ll release some kind of official image of the Spider-Man suit itself sometime before the film comes out though, in order to try and prevent leaks or low-quality images from surfacing online, and we might get to see Peter himself appear at some point in one of the many inevitable trailers we have to look forward to. Although, for all I know, Marvel may keep the lid shut for as long as possible on this character, and I wouldn’t mind. They’ve surprised me before.

Captain America: Civil War is set to hit theatres on May 6th.

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