‘Captain America: Civil War’ Producer Explains Why Black Widow Sided With Iron Man

By May 1, 2016

From the beginning, one of the most curious and controversial creative choices to fans in Captain America: Civil War, was having Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow decide to side with Tony Stark/Iron Man over her friend, Steve Rogers/Captain America. After the strong friendship they had developed over the past few films, and especially in The Winter Soldier, it felt like a betrayal that would need a convincing explanation.

Having seen the film, I can say that all of the sides and their members are explained with logical reasoning and none of it is really black or white. Everything in Civil War, including its characters, are gray and I think that’s what helps to make the film succeed so damn well.

While speaking with producer Nate Moore on the film’s red carpet though, Comicbook.com asked him why they chose initially to have Natasha side with Iron Man instead of Cap:

“We talked a lot about what would make sense logically right, so you’d sort of seen the other films, some characters you met for the first time in Age of Ultron, some have been around as long as Iron Man 1, and it’s really about giving them a point of view that didn’t feel like it was disingenuous to the character, and I think sometimes that ended up with characters that we didn’t expect to be on certain sides. Like Black Widow teaming with Iron Man. I think it was unexpected even for us but as we talked about it from a storytelling point of view, it really made sense because I think Black Widow is more pragmatic than we give her credit for, and sometimes she’s looking at the solutions from a different angle than Tony Stark, who’s very emotional, and even though they don’t react to the same things, in the same way, their conclusion that they came to ended up being the same. So it really was talking each character through like that to figure out who would end up where.”

Moore makes some solid points here, and what I think is interesting and important to point out, is that even though the characters are on opposing sides of a specific issue, it doesn’t mean that they don’t understand each other’s points and beliefs. It’s almost like in the film, Natasha knows how Steve is going to side and react before he even gets a chance to, and while she might try to change his opinion, she’s also aware of the kind of man he is.

I think that can be said for almost all of the characters in the film as well. The way the film manages to navigate through each of these motivations and clashing philosophies as well, is what makes Civil War such an interesting and exciting feat to behold.

Captain America: Civil War is set to hit theatres on May 6th.

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