Casey Wilson & June Diane Raphael Set Up Another Comedy Series at NBC

By October 3, 2013

Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael

Following their most recent feature film writing endeavor with the Sundance selected comedy Ass Backwards (available on iTunes right now), comediennes Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael are finding even more success on the small screen.

THR reports Wilson (a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and “Happy Endings” series regular) and Raphael (a frequent TV guest star on shows like “New Girl” and a regular on “NTSF:SD:SUV”) have just struck a deal with NBC for their new pilot script “The Mason Twins.”

The potential new comedy series would follow fraternal twins in their 30s who are forced to live together again after their lives didn’t go the way they thought. Wilson and Raphael will write and executive produce, along with Stacy Traub (“Glee”) but it doesn’t sound like either of them will star. That’s a bit of a bummer if only because they have such great chemistry as the leading ladies in their indie comedy Ass Backwards.

Ass BackwardsCasey Wilson and June Diane Raphael in Ass Backwards

Wilson and Raphael are really making waves lately, especially since this isn’t the only TV deal they have in the forthcoming season. The duo also have a pilot with a production commitment in the works at ABC Studios with “Happy Endings” co-showrunner Jonathan Groff. That project is called “DINKS” (which means Double Income, No Kids) and also has Wilson and Raphael writing and executive producing.

The two have become quite the duo, and continue to show that female-driven comedy is entering a new golden age, much like the rest of TV. After meeting at New York University and performing together at the Upright Citizens Brigade, they have been unstoppable.

Their indie Ass Backwards might not get a lot of buzz, but it deserves a gander for being a hilarious comedy akin to Dumb & Dumber and Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion. Check out an interview I did with the gals at Sundance earlier this year, and stay tuned for more information on both of their developing shows.

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