Castle Recap: “Death Gone Crazy”

By January 22, 2013

College Girls Gone Crazy: A financial empire run by one Beau Randolf. He is a man of many enemies–women he’s slighted, business partners he’s declined, and moral crusaders. He’s found dead in the bathroom at his own party…but whodunnit?

Is it Tiffany Shaw? His ex-girlfriend, against whom he had a restraining order, showed up at the party that night and engaged him in a heated argument. Even more incriminating? Her bra was found wrapped around Beau’s strangled neck.

Maybe it’s Seth Parrino…founder of “College Guys Gone Nuts.” The rejection of his business plan by Beau Randolf led to an altercation between Parrino and Beau’s bodyguard…and he showed up to give one last pitch at the party.

Could it be Ronald Armstrong, founder of Voices for Decency? His followers were protesting Randolf the night of the party, and Armstrong himself had called for action to take the porn producer down.

Perhaps it’s Scarlet Jones. Only Randolf’s bodyguard for a short time, she snuck out to steal a thumb drive from his safe the evening of the murder. Her claims that it contains a friend’s sex tape don’t add up. Her real job? Digging up dirt on Randolf for a children’s entertainment company he’s trying to invest in: Little Frog Enterprises.

The thumb drive does contain a sex tape, however–of an encounter between Beau Randolf and Candice Mayfield. The woman in question is the daughter of Ronald Armstrong and the last person to see Beau alive. Was he blackmailing her with the footage? Did she have no choice but to kill him?

A last minute twist turns everything on its head. Candice is pregnant, and Randolf is the father. Rather than shying away from his parental responsibilities, Beau set up a trust fund in the child’s name. More than that, he was trying to turn his life around. He wanted to leave a new legacy by investing in Little Frog, and leave his old persona behind by shutting down College Girls Gone Crazy once and for all.

And the killer is…Troy, Beau’s cameraman and co-producer. Guaranteed a place in charge one day, he was enraged by Beau’s plan to close the company. The camerawork that was meant to give him an alibi instead gives him away: his camera was only on the tripod during the time of the murder.

On the side, we get to see glimpses of Castle and Alexis’s relationship and their struggle to define new boundaries. Castle discovers a relatively innocuous VLog, in which Alexis gives (chaste) details about her dates. Concerned that she’ll fall prey to internet stalkers, he tries to stop her, only for Alexis to remind him that she’s an adult capable of making her own choices.

We also get a feel for Esposito’s worrisome taste in women: He gets a crush on Scarlet Jones after discovering that she beat up Parrino. Sadly, their date gets cut short when Beckett hauls her back to the precinct to go over the false report she made. Her lies make her undateable…but all the more attractive.