‘Castle’ Recap: “Dreamworld”

By October 1, 2013

Castle Dreamworld 7

Beckett and her team race against the clock to save Castle, who has a mere twelve hours to live.

The situation is dire for our heroes; there’s an antidote, but no leads on where to find it. The government (and particularly the Secretary of Defense) are stonewalling; the Attorney General’s office requests a file on the airstrike Bronson was involved in, only to find it full of redactions. Fortunately, their tech guy is savvy and willing to break a few rules – he retrieves the original audio file from the missile strike.

Castle Dreamworld 1

Who is Valkyrie? She was an American operative, posing as a servant in the target’s home. She was killed in the airstrike, on the orders of the Defense Secretary, who willfully disregarded the fact that she was still inside.

Castle Dreamworld 2

As Beckett and the team scramble to figure out what it all means, Castle is starting to show symptoms, despite a doctor’s attempts to slow the toxin’s effects. He speaks to Martha, Alexis (and Pi!) on the phone, but his odd lack of witticisms worry his mother. Martha heads down to the station to ask Ryan and Esposito for help uncovering the truth, but when they call Beckett, she remains tight-lipped.

Castle Dreamworld 3

Beckett confronts the Defense Secretary again; enraged, he calls the Attorney General. For Kate, that’s proof enough that he isn’t responsible for stealing the toxin or killing Bronson – he wouldn’t be foolish enough to draw attention to the situation if he was.

Castle Dreamworld 4

The team discovers that Brad Parker – a reporter who had been investigating Dreamworld – was Valkyrie’s fiancé. Stealing the toxin wasn’t an act of terrorism; it was about revenge. The agents burst into his apartment, but it’s empty…and there’s information on the Defense Secretary’s plans to speak at the naval academy that afternoon.

Castle Dreamworld 4

They’re in a race against time to save the Defense Secretary and get the antidote for Castle (who isn’t looking so good). Half-way there, however, Beckett and Castle realize that things aren’t adding up: the Defense Secretary’s speech, like Parker’s framing of Bronson for a different theft, is a diversion. On a hunch, they turn the car around and race to the Defense Secretary’s house, where Parker is interviewing (and poisoning) the Secretary’s wife.

Castle Dreamworld 5

Castle collapses to the ground outside, and Beckett races in to stop Parker. It’s too late; he’s already poisoned his target, and when she points her gun at him, the reporter flees. Outside, she makes a wrong turn and he disarms her, but before Parker can kill Kate, back-up arrives. They retrieve the antidote, and both Castle and the Defense Secretary’s wife are saved!

Castle Dreamworld 5

What does all of this mean for Beckett’s career? Professionally, things look good; her hunch panned out and lives were saved. But when she discovers that there will be no investigation into the Defense Secretary’s behavior, it’s obvious that she’s put off. Can she deal with Washington politics?

Castle Dreamworld 6