Castle Recap: “Murder, He Wrote”

By October 16, 2012

Castle and Beckett’s romantic getaway to the Hamptons turns into a Nikki Heat novel when a mysterious man dies in Castle’s pool.

The clock is ticking, and Castle and Beckett are anxious to leave the precinct and start their weekend. Castle tells Esposito and Ryan that he’s spending the weekend writing…and Beckett tells them she’s going away with her new boyfriend.

Upon arriving in the Hamptons, Kate becomes uncomfortable as she ponders all the other women that Castle has brought to this second home. He reminds her that, however many women have accompanied him there before, none of them are her.

Her doubts put to rest, Kate joins Castle by the poolside. She drops her robe, prepared to skinny dip, but is startled by movement at the gate. Stumbling into the yard is a blood-soaked man, who collapses face first into the pool.

The Hamptons police arrive, and, when Kate asks that her name be withheld from the public record, Chief Brady mistakes her for a prostitute. They proceed to arrest a meth addict who has the victim’s wallet, but the case seems flimsy to Castle and Beckett, who spend a sleepless night rehashing the evidence.

In the morning, Castle calls Esposito and Ryan to ask for their help. Meanwhile, Ryan and Esposito have a quest of their own: to discover the identity of Kate’s new boyfriend. They hassle Lanie for answers and share their latest guesses with Castle, unaware that Beckett is overhearing every word!

Ryan and Esposito interview the victim’s wife, who informs them that her husband Randall was having an affair with Natalia Roosevelt, a local city councilwoman. Castle and Beckett’s attempts to talk to her get them arrested, but when Chief Brady learns who Beckett really is, he changes his tune and asks the pair for help.

Esposito and Ryan continue to guess which of Kate’s past lovers she might currently be seeing. When an irritated Beckett can’t understand why they’re so interested, Castle compares them to Brangelina, leading the pair to ponder their couple nickname. Rickate? Kateick? Or maybe…Caskett?

When Natalia’s alibi checks out, Castle, Beckett, and Brady interview McMurray the meth addict. He claims that he saw a boat being eaten by a red shark. Kate is ready to concede and admit that the man’s memory might have been adversely effected by drugs, but Brady knows exactly what the suspect is talking about: A boat owned by Aaron Lerner, whom Randall had testified against in an insider trading case.

There’s blood on the boat, but Lerner insists that he and Randall had buried the hatchet and resumed their friendship. His solid alibi sends Castle in a new direction, which Brady begs him not to follow: a neighborly dispute with ‘Vinnie the Scar.’ Castle invites Vinnie over for lunch, but when Vinnie realizes that Castle is accusing him of murder, he leaves, upset that Castle would ever accuse him of such a sloppy hit.

Brady finds out about the lunch meeting and tells Beckett and Castle to back off the case. Ryan and Esposito, however, look into Randall’s real estate holdings, and discover an oddity: Randall never rented his properties. Their investigation leads them to a meth lab, which leads them back to Aaron Lerner…Randall’s partner in crime.

Ryan interrogates Lerner, only to solve a very different mystery: the identity of Beckett’s boyfriend. Lerner reveals that Castle brought his brunette girlfriend to his interrogation in the Hamptons, leaving a stunned Ryan reeling. When he calls Castle to tell him about the Lerner interview, however, the detective decides to keep this news to himself.

Brady appears at Castle’s door, asking him and Beckett to join the arresting team. They now have evidence that the marine operator is the killer; a burner cell phone and gun have been found in his apartment. As they arrest the man, however, Castle realizes that something still doesn’t add up. The knots tying the stolen Lerner boat back to the dock were made by someone inexperienced. As Castle prepares to accuse Brady himself of being the culprit, Deputy Jones pulls his gun on the marine operator, confessing to the crime.

A police deputy by day and a drug dealer by night, Jones was enraged when Randall encroached on his business. He turns the gun on Brady, who shoots Jones, wounding the dirty cop.

Back at the station, Ryan asks Esposito to drop their investigation into Beckett’s private life, much to Esposito’s dismay. Their secret safe, the case solved, and a new novel brewing in Castle’s brain, Caskett’s romantic weekend can finally begin.